Budget Wrap-Up – City of Mesa Study Session May 4, 2017

On May 22, 2017 the City will tentatively adopt the new fiscal year budget of $1.67 billion, including approximately $10 million for contingencies. A Public Hearing and final adoption of the budget is scheduled for June 5, 2017.

Revisions to the Proposed Budget:
• Addition of Streetcar Extension Feasibility Study servicing the Riverview area $300K over 2 years
• Addition of Fiesta District Downtown Chandler Alternatives Analysis
$900K over 3 years

Continuing Discussions:
• Public Safety
1) Modify staffing model to include civilian positions in place of some sworn positions.
2) Review skill set requirements for low acuity medical calls to determine service delivery options.
• Convention Center – 5 yr plan to modernize.
• Transportation – Policy development; streetlight master plan, landscape lighting, placement of pedestrian hybrid beacons throughout the city.
• Library – Explore opportunities for early childhood education centers
• NextMesa Community Engagement Campaign – interactive digital media campaign to engage Mesa businesses, residents and visitors
• Expanding Online Access to Services and Information. A more robust platform is needed.

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