About Us

RAILmesa is a registered neighborhood group that advocates for increased citizen participation, responsible development of housing, transit options and the creation of quality jobs along Mesa’s Light Rail Corridor. We meet once a month and would love your participation.

RAIL began in 2012 with a group of residents, business owners, and elected officials interested and passionate about the future of Mesa’s downtown and light rail corridor. There was great worry that there was not a positive community voice to guide and support quality transit-oriented development.


RAIL is Retail, Arts, Innovation & Livability.

Retail is an essential component of a walkable community, and a part of our diverse local economy. Quality jobs and education form the cornerstones for building community wealth and alleviating poverty — and the centerpiece of free enterprise. Locally-owned businesses — from retail to industrial and start-ups to decades old institutions — are the core of job growth, stability, and wealth generation in our community.

Arts is entrenched in who we are. From our world-class theatres and museums, to the underlying culture of our communities and heritage, the strength, hard-work, beauty and diversity that is our community is found in our arts and culture. Strengthening our creative class and reducing the number of people who leave our community for ‘brighter shores’ makes our neighborhoods and economy more resilient. From creativity in the workplace to fun with family and friends, arts & culture are essential components.

The global marketplace is changing. We know that adaptability and innovation are core to entrepreneurship thriving in our community. We also know that walkable and connected communities produce more patents, have higher profitability, and overall generate more innovation and wealth than disconnected communities. A creative, connected community builds from our strengths. At home in the Sonoran Desert — we adapt and innovate to thrive. Quality solutions are drawn from a broad and inclusive population, not just the loud few.

Our community’s quality of life is measured by our democratic principles, equitable access to economic opportunity without having to move cities, social stability, quality educational opportunity in our neighborhoods, clean air and water, and convenient access to essential daily needs — from healthcare to fresh food to recreation to cultural activities. All within easy walking or bicycle travel — or convenient to transit options.